Monday, March 3, 2008

Why Wait Until November '08 to Begin Voter Purging?

As Cedric the Entertainer so eloquently put it, black folks live by the "wish factor". And so we here at Onyx Cranium do today, but in a more somber way. We WISH we could be surprised that electronic voting in hasn't already clearly gone awry. As other blogs (but not enough) have given props to Associated Press for covering the calamity of New Mexico's fiasco, we too provide a link to the article as well as a "heads up" that it's already starting and this time seemingly just within the Democratic camp. Jesus! How can we go about "spreading" democracy when we can't even allow people to legally vote? Here's the article that should open your eyes, especially as we head into Ohio and Texas.

Somethin' New for New Mexico's Democratic Voters

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