Friday, February 29, 2008

Piss Poor Chemistry

From the Los Angeles Times

When we talk about chemistry, many consider it a snoozer. Most peeps would prefer to think of it as something they did in high school or perhaps college if they couldn't use anthropology or a psych class to get out of their general requirements. So you know, the L.A. Times is reporting that Deborah Rice was kicked off a federal evaluation panel. Why should you give a shit? The panel is for assessing the dangers of a chemical compound whose environmental and biological toxicity is being determined for use in everyday products. Deborah Rice is an expert on this particular compound (deca) and her extensive research noted the long-term danger to consumers. She was kicked off the panel because of these views. Do you see the problem? One more thing - it was the CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (people who would strictly profit from use of this chemical compound) who told the people over the panel that she was "biased." Wait for it. Well who's over the panel? The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. However the EPA has NO problem letting employees and paid associates of the chemical industry sit on panels. Just research it (we know you won't). This shows how the EPA often lives up to the "A", but not the "EP" in its title. More importantly, this is an example of how lobbyists blatantly control decisions government (or rather not-for-profit players) should be making. You want Exxon Mobile employees and associates to decide the public safety level of certain types of chemicals in their gasoline? Too late. They already did. We're just giving you a word of warning. Wouldn't you want to go back in time and tell people that aerosol products containing lead were, well, NOT good for them?

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