Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Thank You White Lady!

(For those confused by the title, we hope you one day see the Saturday Night Live skit, because it's hilarious.)

We're posting this story from the NY Times because we are TIRED. Tired of the lies and the bullshit. Ever heard of the gang memoir Love and Consequences? Us neither, and we were born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. However the author of this book was not and that explains so much. Captain Save-A-Thug, otherwise known as Margaret Seltzer, wrote a book about being a bi-racial (white and Native American) woman who grew up in foster care and went on to become a teenage drug courier for the Bloods. Here's the catch. She's white and grew up in Sherman Oaks. We also find it trifling that she was never in foster care nor did she run drugs. And shocker of shockers, she was never a member of the Bloods. So why did she pull a James Frey and write a book of fact-based fiction as her own memoir? According to this liar, she felt this was the only way to give voice to those who were strugglin' in the streets and not being heard. That's bullshit. Sorry, but it is. If Ms. Seltzer really wanted to give voice to the gang members and foster care children she met through her self-aggrandizing volunteer work, she could have helped them author their own stories and gotten it published. Instead she lied and painted herself as an unsung hero rather than some privileged white chick interested in the hard realities of gang life as entertainment. To top it all off, guess who dropped dime on her? Her own sister. While her sibling obviously isn't wise to the Stop Snitchin' campaign, she did help us out by exposing someone who was lying for profit and basking in an unearned spotlight. Now that's gangsta!

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