Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary - What of it?

It's so "run of the mill" for a blog post to be about the presidential primary election.

That said...

We noticed several people enraged by Hillary Clinton's more aggressive and accusatory addressing of her opponent, Barack Obama. We have a question - how exactly is she supposed to behave? One of our staff members stated what many seem to be thinking. "She was just out of pocket and out of line. She seems pretty desperate, because now she's getting rude and making unnecessarily negative comments about Obama even when she's unprompted."

Hmmmm.....That kind of sounds as if she's a politician involved in a political race. Lately, Hillary has been losing primaries like Giuliani and we're wondering why she wouldn't be desperate at this point. I think some feel as though she should be a graceful "loser". Maybe she will, but for now, she's still in the race. What's wrong with running harder? If it means she trips and loses her momentum - that's her bad. But expecting her to hang back and just trot along is kind of...shit what's the word...unrealistic.

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